Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 24.06.2016

Thunder Bay in Ontario may not be number 1 choice for many tourists, but this doesn’t mean this city doesn’t receive any tourists at all. If you want to stop by and you worry there might not be anything to see or do, read on for some ideas.

Fort William Historical Park
This attraction is for those who like history, but it is the city’s main point of interest. This park is a reconstruction of a fur trade post as they use to have in early 19th century. You can take your pets along, and camping is possible as well.

Thunder Bay Historical Museum
Maybe camping in a fur trade post is not something you see yourself doing, therefore visiting a historical museum seems like a better option. There are many local and regional objects on display for the curious.

Thunder Bay Art Gallery
The main purpose of this gallery is to research, collect, and exhibit, works done by First Nations’ artists. It also hosts traveling exhibitions from other galleries and museums. Recently it started promoting local and regional artists as well.

Relax at the sauna
This area has many people with a Finnish ancestry, therefore you will encounter many saunas. There is no better way to relax and get rid of some toxins. Don’t be surprised if there are many sauna goers, but this means you can make new friends.

The best place to practice this winter sport is Trowbridge Falls Park. In summer the camping site is open, with modern facilities, including laundry washing. Be warned though, this park is not for the weak of heart for they say it is haunted.

There is no way you will be starving while in Thunder Bay. The Hoito serves Finnish dishes, at Norma Jean's Restaurant you can enjoy hamburgers and fries, while Organic Garden Cafe caters to those following various diets.