Surftides Lincoln City

Five reasons to visit Surftides Lincoln City

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 24.06.2016

A hotel perched on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Lincoln City, shouldn't need any further presentation, however discover at least five reasons to visit Surftides Lincoln City.

To have an ultimate game on the beach
The hotel has all the equipment you and your company need in order to have a great time at the beach. Whether playing in teams or having a competitive paddle ball game, fun is limited by your imagination. A sandcastle competition is another fun beach activity you can try with everyone present.

To shop for items created by local artisans
While having a relaxing time, and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also seek the creativity and pieces created by local artisans. They get inspired by the sea and work with stones, sand, and any other materials they can find inspiration in. These handcrafts will easily turn into mementos and gifts for your loved ones.

Surfing the tides of the Pacific Ocean
Ride really big waves during the day, or try to experience surfing at night with other peer surfers if you have enough surfing experience. Then relax in front of beach fire, roast marshmallows, have some good wine, warm up your feet, and enjoy the rest of the night that is hosted by the Surftides Hotel.

Delight yourself with the amazing local cuisine with distinct Northwest flavors
Grown and seeded by and in the Pacific, the Surftides Restaurant focuses on organically and regionally grown products that support the coastal community. The menus offer freshly harvested ingredients and award winning dishes for your palate.

Enjoy indoor swimming
The Surftides has made everything possible so that your vacation won't get ruined by the bad weather. The indoor swimming pool, the rooms equipped with comfortable sofas and fireplaces are just some of the amenities the hotel's staff prepared for an amazing holiday.