Reserve A Ticket At Porter Airlines

How To Reserve A Ticket At Porter Airlines

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 24.06.2016

Porter Airlines is today one of the most trusted names in the aviation industry. Behind this success lies the fact that they always try to make sure that your experience with them is the best you ever come across. Everything that you ever need from air travel is simply at your finger tips. You have options like checking flights, reserving your seats, checking flight status and even online check-ins on their website which make the travel a lot more comfortable. The entire process is simplified to such an extent with Porter Airlines that the only tough part is getting to the airport to take the flight. Here we’ll see how you reserve a ticket at Porter Airlines and take care of all your related queries.

To start with, you simply log in at Porter Airlines website and type in the name of the airport you’ll be flying from and the airport you’ll be flying to. Add the date of journey; make a few obvious selections between the no. of passengers and one-way trip and round journey and you are ready to get your ticket reserved. After you get the results just pick the flight that suits you best and the reservation process will start from there on.

There are three fare classes for you to choose from. You can go for the Freedom class, the Flexible class and the Firm class. Freedom is the most lucrative and will suit you if you are frequent flyer while the Firm class is for occasional flyers and also the cheapest. These classes offer several options including those related to cancellations, reservations, seat selection and complimentary changes.

Then we come to the seat selection part. If you choose to go with Flexible or Freedom class, you will be charged no extra fees for seat selection. If you go with the Firm class, you will be charged $15(USD) plus taxes per seat. You can also choose to go for Premium seats for which you will be charged $30(USD) plus taxes per seat in the Firm class and $15(USD) plus taxes per seat in the Flexible and Freedom class. In case you are wondering what a premium seat is, they are the seats located in the front row in the plane. Obviously, they bring along a lot of leg room and quick exit/entrance from/to the plane. Please, remember the fact that the fees you pay for seat selection is non-refundable.

In case you don’t make a seat selection, you will be automatically assigned a seat within 24 hrs of the flight. If you have a VIPorter account you can select your preferences like the aisle or window which will be taken into consideration while automatically assigning the seats and Porter Airlines will try their best to assign you a seat as per your preferences. Once you have made the selection of the seat, you will be sent a confirmation on your email ID and phone. All you need to do is bring a valid ID proof along with the confirmation be able to board the flight.