How To Check Flight Status At Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines are today one of the most preferred airlines around. Of course, getting such a reputation takes a lot of hard work and special efforts which the others usually won’t take. This is exactly what makes Porter Airlines better than any of its competitors. It’s always ready to go the extra mile to help its guests and makes sure that their travel experience is one of the best and the most convenient one they have ever had. Apart from the quality, the cheap prices, the amazing customer care services, value added services and the helping staff; they also have several online options for you to give you all the info you need right from the comforts of your home. You can check flight timings, book tickets, check flight status and even check-in using their website which surely makes the experience of flying with Porter Airlines simply the best. Let’s take a look at the different ways by which you can check your flight status with Porter Airlines.

It is always recommended to check the status of your flight before you leave for the airport. This is done because often people are left waiting at the airport waiting for the flight for hours because of an unavoidable reason. Most of the times it’s simply not in the hands of the company and delays can often be caused by rogue weather or any other similar issue. This is why by simply checking the flight status before we leave, we can ensure that we don’t have to wait our precious time just waiting for our flight at the airport. Even Porter Airlines themselves recommend that you check the flight status using their online portal before leaving your home. The best way to check your flight status is by using the online tool provided on the Airline’s website where you can follow the status of your flight easily without any hassles. You simply have to fill the required info about the flight and the flight status will be shown. There are two ways by which you search for your flight’s status. They are-

Using the Flight no.

You simply need your ticket for this. Just type in the flight no. and the status for your flight on that day will be before you. Using this way will ensure that you don’t get your flight mixed up with another one and don’t get the wrong information as flight no. are exclusive to a flight.

Using the Airport Names

In case you don’t want to reach out to your purse and get the ticket, simply enter the names of the airport pair between which you’ll be traveling. Once you do this you will have to make a choice of the day you’re traveling and the flight status will be shown.

In case you are somewhere without internet access you can also inquire about the flight status by simply calling up the Porter Call center at 888-619-8622, though this facility is available only on weekdays from 5:30 am to 11 pm ET. Also, you might have to wait for sometime as the lines can sometimes be busy because of several calls coming in at once.