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Porter Airlines

Its headquarters in Toronto City, Ontario Canada. Its main website is It is a small regional airline which operates mostly in Canada but also flies to many locations in the USA. The airline utilizes Bambardier Dash 8 aircraft with a turboprop design. The hub, is located on a small island outside of Toronto Canada.

Porter Airlines has been in operation since 2006 and has since then received a 4-star rating fro Skytrax. That makes it the only airline operating in Canada with a 4-star rating of this kind, which is quite impressive.

Canadian Cities Served:

Halifax Moncton Montreal Mont Tremblant Ottawa Quebec City St. John's Sault Ste. Marie Sudbury Timmins Toronto Windsor

USA Destinations: (as of May 2012)

Boston Burlington Chicago Myrtle Beach Newark Washington D.C.

Company also has plans (proposed routes) which include new routes from Canada (Toronto) to USA cities including Cincinnati Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Detroit Michigan, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and also to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. There are also other routes in Canada that are being considered at the present time.


Porter Airline maiden flight occurred on October 23, 2006 from Toronto to Ottawa. There was a bit of controversy when the airline first began serving passengers, and protestors appeared at the ferry dock attempting to block passengers urging a boycott of the airline. The protests eventually subsided and stopped.

Porter partnered with the TPA in Canada for a major expansion of the airport in Toronto from which the hub for Porter airlines is located. Also business for Porter was so good for the local economy that the TPA announced plans in 2009 to purchase a new much larger passenger ferry to support Porter's plans for expansion. Company also announced in 2009 that it would build a new terminal at its island airport. The terminal would include Canadian Customs, new restaurants, car rental facilities along with expanded lounge space and also office space. This building is over 150,000 square feet and the first expansion phase opened to the public in March of 2010. There was a second phase that opened in 2011. The cost of this new terminal was CA$50 million

Porter Airline has proven that by its presence , it can benefit the local economy by adding new jobs, expanding airport facilities, and also bringing much needed access via cheaper airline fares, which benefits local businesses and brings in more tax revenues for the city of Toronto.


Porter has a wide variety of aircraft that it utilizes to fly its routes, both in Canada and the USA. There is a 70-seat single class. Currently there are 8 Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400 Nextgen). There are also 18 Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400) in the fleet. There are also on order an additional 4 Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400 Nextgen).

It chose the option of ordering the 70 seat layout (there was 78 seat layout available) so that the landing and takeoff of the planes would be the safest possible. This allows the aircraft to use a shorter runway in some of the airports it now serves.

In 2010(May) made an announcement of its intention to purchase 7 additional Dash 8 (Q400). In August of that year it announced purchase of 4 more (Q400s) and an additional 4 would be optioned. By November 2011 the company had a total fleet of 26 Bombardier Q400s.


Toronto bus shuttle

In Toronto there is a shuttle bus from the Royal New York Hotel to the dock for the ferry. This is located on Bathurst Street(foot of the street). These buses are operated by Pacific Western Transportation.

In-flight services.

The Company has snacks and beverages. These are provided to passengers at no charge (complimentary). This list includes soft drinks, beer and wine.

Frequent Flyer program.

The frequent flyer program for Porter Airlines is called VIPORTER or "VIPorter". The points accumulated during flights can be redeemed for discounts on future flights.
The website for VIPorter is located here


Porter Airlines - Fly Porter

Fly Porter may be new, but they have proven themselves to be a very dynamic company with a rapidly expanding fan-base of loyal customers. The rapid expansion of planes in the fleet, as well as all the new jobs the company has added to the local economy, coupled with the many improvements that Porter has made to the island airport and facilities, combine to prove that this company is a powerful force in the Airline industry.

The focus on customer service, affordable pricing, and quick turnaround times at airports has made Porter Airlines an up-and-coming darling with investors also.

Porter Airlines is truly a rising star in the Airline industry, and their dedication to their customers is the main reason why. If you get a chance to try out this airline, you will definitely be impressed. Try them next time you are flying from US to Canada, or back.

Enjoy your flight.

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